About David

I hold a thought, a thread of truth, a belief that we can change ourselves physically through healthy eating, massage, light weight training, smart stretching and a touch of cardio. Not only the physical body changes, but also the mind through the practice of meditation, education, thoughtful self examination, awareness in connection with others, and actions we take that are outside of our comfort zone but transform the heart of who we are. Even this is not goal but rather to take what we have learned into the field, to help those around us and to never forget that we are part of a global community of lives joined together for this time. Every thought, word and action can make a difference. Let's do right by each other and strive for kindness, understanding and truth.
I began my research as a dancer, artist, and biologist. My studies brought fascinating enrichment in fitness, massage therapy, gymnastics, yoga, and retreats and travels worldwide. I wanted to make a difference, to help others see how incredible they are. I have always been a champion of the underdog, the different and those who think in new ways. 
I currently teach my own style of yoga which you could call "fun and smart stretching with a little conditioning, done in a room full of excellent people." I also am a bodyworker, a Structural Integrator and my work centers around shifting people out of pain and into alignment. My hope is through both of these disciplines to help each individual find a way to walk freely, breath deeply and enjoy a strong, supple and well balanced body. Lastly I teach teachers. I teach them to teach others, to take care of themselves and what it is to be human and see another person as human.
I absolutely love what I do.
I am also a normal, regular, average, uncomplicated, and thoroughly human being. I have married and divorced, I have grey hairs and scars, I eat pizza and revel in amazing SciFi TV. I often do or say things that get me in trouble but hopefully in the end help me to be real and have honest and open relationships with those around me. I have a dog, Tegan...who is so cute it hurts me to look at her too long. I love my family both chosen and related. I am beyond lucky to have found my fiancée, Brandon who is an inspiring and remarkable man and a incredible makeup artist. He makes me laugh and holds me when I cry and together we make each others lives a creative and wonderful adventure.  
I would also love to learn more about you...come take a class, find me on Facebook, send me a message and let's find out what we can learn, build and discover together.