Kinesis Myofascial Integration & Massage Therapy


I started with a background in Orthobionomy and went on to study Kinesis Myofascial Integration with Tom Myers and become a Structural Integrator. I am a dedicated and driven bodyworker. My techniques are a blend of the last 10+ years of practicing with athletes, dancers, and yoga students. My focus is on postural realignment, freeing the body from scar tissue, increased mobility and freedom from pain and restriction. I am not a relaxation masseuse but am happy to refer you to some excellent people. I love anything complicated. The work can be intense but to see someone shift out of pain and feel empowered or stand taller and breathe deeper is one of the highlights of every day. I am excited by working with post surgery mobility, injury recovery and walking gait disfunction. If you would like to schedule a session please see the contact page.